cheer, tumbling, parkour, strength and flexibility classes

Cheer classes:
'Lil Cheer

Cheer/Stunt/Combo class. We offer 3 recreational cheer classes for ages 3 and up! Our 'Lil Cheer class is for ages 3-5, and is 45 minutes in duration. The beginner class is for ages 6 and up, and is 60 minute in duration, while the intermediate class for ages 6 and up is 90 minutes in duration.

The skills taught are based on the student's knowledge, and will progress from there. While mainly basic skills are taught in the beginner group, the intermediate group will cover basic prep level stunts, cradles and tosses, to the more advanced co-ed and partner stunt skills. This class will include jumps, tumbling, and acro, along with the stunting. Quality stunting and tumbling abilities take time to progress. The longer the student trains, the greater abilities they will have, which will give them an advantage when trying out for all-star, high school, college cheer, and the new NCAA college sport called Acro/Tumbling.

'Lil Cheer: 45 minutes ages 3-5. Beginner: 60 minute ages 6 and up. Intermediate: 90 minutes ages 8 and up, all once a week.

*all cheer classes are coed

recreational cheer classes

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'lil cheer

beginner cheer

intermediate cheer


We offer two levels of classes:

Beginning Tumbling: Training for the inexperienced tumbler. Students will be learning rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, and handsprings. These skills will be taught on the floor, tumble-trak and trampoline.

Intermediate Tumbling: For the experienced tumbler who can confidently perform the beginning skills and are working confidence on the roundoff back handspring and above.

Recommended for those who are interested in cheerleading, parkour, dance or those in recreational gymnastics, who want to progress faster in their tumbling. As student numbes increase, this class may be divided into skill levels, either within the class, or as separate classes.

Ages 6 and up, 1 hour, once a week.

*all tumbling classes are coed

co-ed tumbling classes

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beginning tumbling

intermediate tumbling

beginning parkour

Introduction to parkour instructs basic moves and skills needed to progress to a more advanced level. These introductory skills provide a solid base to help the student progress safely in the sport. Students need to wear athletic shoes for class. For ages 12 and up.

1 hour, once a week.

*the parkour class is coed

beginning parkour

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beginning parkour, ages 12 and up

strength and flexibility

We offer two types of classes:

Adult Strength and Flexibility - Low impact stretching and strength training class for the adult who wants to increase their flexibility, range of motion, strength and level of energy.

Advanced Strength and Flexibility - For those who have a developed level of strength and flexibility and are ready for the next challenge.

1 hour, once a week.

strength and flexibility

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adult strength and flexibility

advanced strength and flexibility

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